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Hard fast door


Rigid high-speed door, also known as aluminum alloy high-speed door, abbreviated as hard shutter, is a new type of metal high-speed door with anti-theft and high temperature partition, which is reliable, practical and easy to operate.
technical parameter
Control System
The absolute servo system is adopted, the core is DSP chip, and the system sets the opening height of the door by receiving the absolute encoder signal at the tail of the motor.
Control box: IP54 control box
Motor system
It is composed of encoder imported from Japan Nissei; power failure braking system; large inertia planetary reducer; manual release mechanism; fault manual device.
The overload capacity is strong, and the switch can work more than 2000 times a day in some high-frequency occasions.
High-resolution absolute encoder with 2000 lines. Use manual release mechanism.
Lifting mechanism
The aluminum alloy guide load-bearing track is used to ensure that the door curtain has no noise when running at high speed, and there is no friction between the door curtain and the track.
door curtain mechanism
The control door curtain mechanism is divided into: aluminum alloy curtain, soft connecting rubber strip, load-bearing rubber chain, guide wheel and other parts:
1. Aluminum alloy [the thickness of the curtain is 1-200mm, the surface is treated with anodizing and organic coloring, the tensile strength exceeds 230B/MPA and conforms to the standard color of GB/T5237.1-5-2000. There are also aluminum alloy sand white and China red two. optional colors;
2. After connecting the aluminum composite door curtain station through the soft connecting rubber strip, the folding life of the soft connecting part can reach more than one million times;
3. The design of the angle chain load-bearing method makes the junction of the 1 door curtain unstressed, the door curtain sheet does not change shape, and can maintain smoothness after a long time;
4. When the door is running, it slides in the aluminum alloy track through the guide wheel made of polyurethane, and there will be no friction and noise when running at high speed.
security system
1. Infrared safety protection electric eyes: There are opposite radio eyes on both sides of the door frame. There is an object under the fast door, so that the door remains open. When the door body is lowered, there is an object passing below, and the door body is opened to the z-open position, and there is no obstacle below. Time delay and then drop.
2. Bottom safety protection side: When the door body is falling, because the object is in the blind area of ​​infrared safety protection, when the door body is pressed against the obstacle below, the door body quickly rebounds to open the door at z, effectively protecting the object or pedestrians below. Avoid accidents.
3. Light curtain protection system: This configuration is the most effective way of safety protection unique to industrial doors. It is installed in the direction of heavy and straight places. It is an effective measure to calculate the position of the door curtain according to the real-time height of the door curtain body and protect the passing pedestrians or objects.
Power requirements.
220V/ 380V/ 13A/single phase/50HZ/
Performance characteristics
Safety performance
Infrared safety protection electric eye, bottom safety protection edge, and light curtain protection system are used to maintain a high level of safety performance.
wind resistance
30 M/S (DIN EN 12424 wind resistance class 11)
Insulation performance
Insulation coefficient: K-VALUE 0.4W/M2K
sealing performance.
Rail seal, curtain connection seal
Manual function
Contains manual emergency devices
According to the on-site civil structure, it can be divided into: turbine suction type, elliptical suction type, heavy straight lifting type, 90-degree standard turning lifting type or more orbital methods. The standard is turbine suction type and elliptical suction type.
It is widely used in underground garages, automobile factories, food, chemicals, textiles, electronics, supermarkets, refrigeration, logistics, warehousing and other places, and can meet the requirements of high-performance logistics and clean places.

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