Robot arc welding protective door 600A



Robot arc welding protective door 600A

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Arc welding room, arc welding door
1. Arc welding room:
Products can be designed and produced according to the specific requirements of customers
2. Robot arc welding protective door 600A
◆Configuration introduction:
Working power: 220V, 380V (optional)
Motor power: 0.75kw three-phase asynchronous motor, Japan imported Nissei motor + Japan imported reducer + Japan imported encoder + Japan imported shielded wire = - body machine
Door size: as per drawing
Overall material: anodized aluminum alloy
Door cloth material: (color optional) French imported Xiyun 2mm thick fireproof industrial base cloth
Window: (size and color are optional) transparent window, window width x height, according to customer specified size (m)
Control system: black horse Morita control system, (touch screen controls door opening and closing, displays various states of]) (provides !/O interface hard wiring)
Door opening speed: Z maximum 2.5m/s
Closing speed: Z maximum 2.5m/s
[Door opening and closing] Frequency: can be opened cyclically, up to 10 times per minute to open and close the door
Safety Configuration: Electronic Touch Safety Bottom Side Spiral Cable
Interlock signal: NPN.PNP passive contact
Control box size: width 280mm, height 550mm, thickness 165mm

Robot arc welding protective door 600A

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