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Archimedes hard door

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Three, Archimedes hard door
        Rigid high-speed door], also known as aluminum alloy high-speed door, is a new type of metal high-speed door with anti-theft and high temperature partition, which is an innovative product in the field of industrial technology. Hard [ ] is not only resistant to strong wind, but also has a high degree of sealing, reliability and practicality.
        The technology of rigid high-speed doors is at the leading level in the industrial field. The transparent door] slats are made of polypropylene glass, and can also be installed with gray transparent slats, which are suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive industry (paint shop) and food processing and other fields. Hard high-speed door] can protect its good sealing even under high pressure, and can resist the attack of strong winds exceeding the Dong level. The opening speed of the door varies with its size, and the fastest speed can reach 2-3/m.
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Archimedes hard door

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